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At A Blessing Comes, we believe in sharing the joy of reading - one child at a time.  As a parent, I bought "The Big Parade" in 1987 as a gift for my three-year-old son.  He loved hearing his name and those of his friends being read as part of the story and wanted to hear it all the time.  His enthusiasm for reading inspired me to start my business so we could encourage other children to develop a passion for reading.

Educators all agree READING is the most valuable tool we can teach our children. Create-A-Book personalized storybooks make a perfect gift, for birthdays, holidays or just because. Books educate, inspire imagination and build self esteem. Our personalized books will become cherished keepsakes and be saved forever by your children.

The children you love will be thrilled to see their own names in these stories. Our personalized books make your child the "STAR" of every story as each includes your child's name, his or her hometown, friends and family. Whether your child is involved in sports or loves dinosaurs, each book teaches principles and values. A Blessing Comes is pleased to offer inspirational books as part of our product line.  A frequent best seller - "Let Us Thank God" not only encourages reading, but also encourages children to see that A Blessing Comes regularly in their everyday life with God.

Our personalized baby books are a true keepsake recording the birth experience of your child in a storybook format, which will be cherished by children, parents and grandparents for years to come! Each baby book also includes the date, time, Dr.'s name, hospital, baby's height and weight along with names of baby's first visitors.

We are pleased that "The Big Parade" continues to be one of our best sellers. Share the joy of reading with a special child in your life today!

Lillian Peterson
A Blessing Comes, LLC